Pipe Systems

Pipe systems for compressed air have evolved over the years. We no longer use galv steel pipe (screwed galv), copper or the blue-line poly pipes for compressed air. The systems available now produce a state-of-the-art result at affordable prices, and are long-life and low maintenance.

Depending on what you need for your particular unique requirements, there are 4 main systems that are now being used for compressed air:

Europress – 304 or 316 stainless steel pipe with 316 stainless steel crimp fittings (similar to the copper Viega system).

Unipipe – Anodised blue aluminium tube in 6m lengths with aluminium compression-style fittings, using a stainless steel grip ring instead of teeth to bite into the tube and hold the fitting in place.

GenIII Polyethylene – Heavy wall PE100 pipework in blue to comply with AS1345, for identification. Pressure rated to accept 1600kpa with a 2:1 safety factor. Fittings are available for a range of different jointing techniques.

Super KWIKfit – Semi-rigid unplasticised nylon tubing with black push-fit fittings, the ultimate in DIY air piping. Pipe and fittings can be re-used, requires no specialist tools to install and complies with AS1345 for identification without needing to label the pipe. Looks neat in any garage or workshop and is by far the easiest air system to install.

Technical information on all these products and more, can be found inside our Airquip systems design handbook which includes a condensed product catalogue, tables showing indicative flow rates, pressure drop, pipe wall thicknesses and route design guidelines. Download an electronic copy here or fill out the form below to request a free hard copy mailed to you.

Submit your details and we will issue you with a free hard copy of the Airquip compressed air systems design handbook (34 pages) in the mail.