Plasson’s new distributor Airquip and Pipetool have made an appearance online with a webstore for all major sizes of metric compression fittings and electrofusion fittings, plus a range of other fittings and couplings.

The range includes common configuration of electrofusion fittings, including the standard equal tees, elbows and connectors to the more specialist range of flanged tees, adjustable elbows, transition adaptors and tapping or branch saddles.

With compression fittings, there are the standard metric tees, elbows and connectors again, and the range extends to adapting connectors, flanged adaptors for the larger sizes, bolt-on branch saddles, repair connectors and adapting elbows/tees.

Airquip also has access to the full range of Plasson welders and tools, including scrapers, chamfer tools, alcohol-based wipes and cutters. All spares and parts can be bought separately to get your current machine up and running again.

The layout of Airquip’s website is very simple with a page for each different style of fitting, from which you can select the size you want and see the pricing. Worth noting, too, is that all products on the site have 2 prices; a list price which is apparently permanently crossed out in preference for another price which is normally about 20% less expensive.

There is a specials page which is updated monthly, these specials are normally at least 50% off Plasson’s list price and are usually for a particular size of 1 fittings style. It’s well worth signing up for the monthly specials email that they send out, with details on the current month’s specials. Since many of the plumbing supply chains have now moved over to a different brand of fitting (especially those who previously stocked Plasson compression fittings), Airquip is able to offer plumbers and fitters these fittings at the same or better pricing. They have stock of many of the common sizes and configurations, but if there is a request for a specialist product or non-stocked item it can normally be dispatched from their store within 2 days.

Plasson compression fittings have a round-profiled ‘O’ ring about halfway down the connection depth, to increase sealing and holding power. Other manufacturers have a chamfered seal at the front of the fitting which will sometimes pop off under pressure or strain. Plasson compression fittings are recommended for compressed air at pressures not more than 8 bar.

Electrofusion products have the now essential fittings recognition capability, with a compatible welder. This means the user doesn’t have to key in fittings codes or weld times, although the weld times are all clearly marked on the fittings. This software is what plumbers and fitters have come to expect from their suppliers.