Manufactured from the same material as the pipe, Socket-Fusion fittings and pipe are simultaneously preheated on an element. Pipe and fitting are then fused together to form strong, long life joints.
The Socket-Fusion jointing procedure is normally used for pipe sizes from 20mm to 50mm, but can be used with special equipment up to 110mm. The process binds two HDPE surfaces together in a plastic weld, to form a strong and hard-wearing connection. For sizes above 50mm, we recommend and sell the Electro-Fusion fittings. Rental welding equipment is also available.
The pipe or spigot end of a connection is heated up with a special heated iron, simultaneously with the fitting or socket end. These two surfaces become tacky and flexible. After the set heating time, the pipe and fitting are removed from the iron and put together and held. The two molten surfaces cool and harden together, forming a high-integrity, long-lasting joint.